The Advanced Films of Today Are Tough to Break. These Security Films Discourage Illegal Breaking and Entering.


Your Comfort and Security Solution in Houston

Sun Masters Glass Tinting offers Houston the finest available line of window tinting films for both residential and commercial window tinting applications. These films block the harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation that fades interior furniture and fixtures yet lets in all the visible light you need for that view of the outside you love. You can rest assured your furniture, carpets, and drapes will retain their colors longer and remain more vibrant when your windows are covered with Sun Master window films.

This time when Hurricane hit Houston the only thing we were not worried about were our windows. We were really amazed when one of our window was stuck by a flying debris, the window got smashed but the entire glass was held by the film which saved our house from the rain water, as it kept the glass intact. We also found substantial heat reduction in our house and fading of our couches near windows. Thanks to Sun Masters for this great product and amazing price which is very affordable.
Amir – Houston Texas
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Our High Tech Window Tinting Prevents Colors from Fading and
Helps Protect Furniture, Rugs, and Drapes.

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Not only do these films help protect your valuable furniture and fixtures, but they also save you money as well. In the summer these films keep your house up to 15° cooler which translates into utility bill savings of from 30% to 50% … that’s less money to the service companies and more cash in your pocket. In winter, the films hold heat in keeping you and your family warm and comfortable.

Worried about home security? Let Sun Master Window Tinting show you how tough these films can be. Intruders have a hard time breaking through your windows when these films are in place, which could be just enough of a barrier to send them on their way. However, if your glass does break, our specialty films prevent shatter and scatter, reducing the chance of cuts and making clean-up a breeze.

Window Films Block 99% of Ultraviolet Radiation and
Reduce Glare by 90%

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Sun Master Window Tinting of Houston provides a full range of window tinting products and services.

  • energy Lower Energy Cost
  • heat Block Heat and Glare
  • privacy Enhance Privacy Matters
  • improve Improve Appearance
  • fading Prevent fading of Interiors Furnishing