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When many think of a window tint, they associate it with the windows of their vehicles. However, tinting the windows of our homes is becoming more and more popular. If you never knew your home could benefit from a window tint or if you were currently on the fence wondering if it was the right choice for your house, worry no more. Here are the top four reasons to window tint your home.

Window Tint for Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of window tinting is the added layer of privacy it provides. Unlike curtains or blinds, tinted windows don’t require any daily maintenance or effort on your part. There’s no more closing the blinds at sunset or drawing the curtains at night. Security films still let in light and allow you to see out, but significantly limit the view from the outside looking into your home.

Safety and Security

As much as we try to avoid the worst-case scenario in any given situation, it still occurs from time to time and it’s best to be prepared just in case. Regarding windows, that scenario would be broken glass panes. Whether it’s from a stray ball from the neighborhood kids or a blown tree branch from Mother Nature, protecting your windows with window tint could be your saving grace. Made from a high-performance polyester film metallized coatings bonded by adhesives, your windows will never be stronger than they are once they’ve been tinted. In the event a window does shatter, the glass shards will be contained by the film’s adhesive, versus being scattered in your home and upon the floor.

Energy Efficiency

By tinting your windows, you’ll save yourself money in the long run! Clear glass allows heat to escape in the winter and increases the temperature of your home in the summer. Using window tint as a type of thermal shield, the sun will be reflected in the summer while insulating your home in the winter. You’ll be able to conserve energy as a result and cut costs on both air conditioning and heating along the way. All the light will still be available but without the unnecessary heat and glare that come with it.

Prolong the Life of Upholstery

Having your windows tinted can also prevent the sun from fading your upholstery. Your furniture, rugs, and decorative curtains will last longer as 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays will be filtered through the window tint film instead of shining directly on your fabrics.

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