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Unless you have a retail business where seeing into your premises is an industry necessity, there are numerous good reasons why you should use window tinting. The benefits far outweigh any perceived negatives, and you will actually save money in the long run, from having window tinting installed.

Window Tinting Reduces Sunlight Glare

Let’s face it, your employees probably do not appreciate the glare of the sun when they are trying to work. Spending upwards of eight hours a day in a sunlight trap is never comfortable. Over exposure to glare can cause eye strain, headaches and a generally miserable working environment.

By using window tinting, you can significantly reduce the level of glare and provide your employees with a much happier workplace without inhibiting their view of the outside world. You will notice an uptick in productivity when you have tainted windows, and fewer employees calling in sick because of headaches caused by sun glare.

Privacy and Security

There are few businesses that are not subject to targeting by thieves or unscrupulous competitors. Window tinting provides a higher level of privacy and security to your business premises. If you handle sensitive data,window tinting will keep that information safe from prying eyes.

Window tinting also offers a level of increased security; windows become more difficult to smash, and present a hazard to anyone trying to gain entry to the building. A would-be thief is more likely to choose a building with more vulnerable windows for a smash and grab robbery. It is much cheaper to replace a window than to replace thousands of dollars in stolen stock.

Protection for Your Décor

When you spend a large amount of money making your business look good for employees and visitors, the last thing you want is the sun fading your décor. Paint and artwork will need replaced frequently, if you do not use window tainting to filter out the harshest of the sun’s rays.

Wood or fabric furniture items are also vulnerable to UV light.Unless you want your business premises to appear dull and colorless, you may want to consider window tinting to preserve the luster of your fixtures and furnishings.

Energy Savings

Window tinting provides an additional layer of insulation, helping you save on your air conditioning bills in the summer and reducing the need for heating in the winter. In fact, window tinting can increase the insulation properties of a window by as much as 90% in many buildings.

If you would like to consult with an expert on window tinting, reach out to Sun Masters for more information. We provide professional services to business owners who recognize the need for better insulation and lighting control in the Houston area.

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