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When it comes to healthcare facilities, the health and privacy of patients always come first. And believe it or not, window tinting is an option that caters to both. Be it a hospital, a clinic, or a doctor’s office; there are plenty of advantages to window tinting.

Investing in good quality window tints can lead you to a lifetime of benefits, especially at a hospital. That is why in this blog, we’ll tell you all about window tinting and how they’re such a valuable addition to all healthcare facilities.

Sets a Warm Atmosphere

In most hospitals, you might find the blinds drawn shut to prevent the afternoon heat from seeping in. Healthcare workers do this so that the glaring rays of sunlight don’t disturb the patients. However, this is not the way to go.

Window tints are a great addition without sacrificing the much-needed sunlight. They allow in enough light for a healthy dose of serotonin, which can improve the patient’s mood, lower blood pressure levels and even regulate sleeping habits. All of this while filtering out the harmful UV rays.

Not to mention, window tints can also retain room temperature. So when it’s cold outside, it’ll help keep the room warm, and if it’s hot outside, it’ll keep the room from overheating.

Offers Patient Privacy

Rather than focusing on privacy from the outside world, it’s just as crucial for patients to have privacy screens inside the hospital. Be it a delivery room, an emergency room, or even just a room with two patients sharing it. Window tints are an essential need.

Moreover, since window tints act as a barrier, you can choose from various semi-opaque options. For instance, frosted films, decorative tints, and patterned films are perfect for indoor use.

Protects from Harmful UV Rays

Did you know that overexposure to sunlight can lead to various health issues? Eye disease, accelerated aging process, and skin cancer can develop due to harmful UV rays. Moreover, some patients’ skin might even turn leathery as a result. But that’s where window tints come into play.

Good quality window tinting can filter out about 99.9% of the damaging ultraviolet rays. And since healthcare facilities are supposed to treat patients and prevent further health issues, window tints make an excellent addition.

Added Safety

Patient safety is a hospital’s number one priority which is why security window tints are the way to go. In case of external disasters such as a storm, earthquake, or perhaps a break-in, window films can enhance your facility’s glass windows. Not only do they prevent the glass from shattering, but they also protect the patients from all sorts of dangerous external factors.

Cost & Energy Efficient

The glass thickness, type of window tint, shape of the windows, etc., all play a crucial role in the overall cost. Nonetheless, commercial window films can be available at a discounted price if you opt for a professional installer. This makes window tinting a cost-effective option instead of changing the entire windows altogether. Plus, with how window films help to save energy, they’re perfect for large healthcare facilities that need an energy-efficient boost.

What’s Next?

Window tinting for hospitals and any other type of healthcare facility is a wonderful add-on. From enhancing patient serotonin levels to improving safety, window films have it all. So why wait? Contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at (281) 351-4363 today to get a free quote.

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