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Everyone loves having an aesthetic house, but spending all your money on a single remodel? That’s a big No. That is why having a special layer of film to cover your windows is such a good hack. So much so that almost everyone is into window tints these days. And why not? Especially when you can choose to have any window tint you want!

Want a custom design? You got it.
Thinking of a classy, frosted glass look? Easy.
Prefer stained glass over others? Say no more.

No matter what design you choose, window tints offer it all. Plus, there are plenty of other cool features too! However, before you rush over to get yourself one, there are a few key principles to keep in mind. This blog will list the top five things you should know before tinting your windows.

Different Window Tints = Different Features

Many people tend to think that all window tints are the same, but that’s not true at all. There are multiple types of window tints, and believe it or not, all of them offer different benefits. For instance, an anti-glare film is good if your house gets a lot of bright sunlight. Some UV rays can be pretty harmful and cause you, as well as your furniture, a lot of damage. This is why an anti-glare film can prevent such UV rays from penetrating the windows in the first place.

On the other hand, a security tint is a great way to enhance your overall home security. It strengthens the window and prevents it from cracking or shattering.

Tinting Your Window Tints Could Void Your Window Warranty

Some windows come with a strict warranty code. That is to say, your window manufacturer might have strict rules about applying window tints. If you go against this clause, you might not be able to avail your warranty in case something bad happens to your windows. So before you get window tinting, make sure you’re all caught up on the terms and conditions so that you do not have to suffer the consequences later.

You Can’t Just Apply Any Window Tint to Any Glass Window

Now before you sigh in disappointment and click away, you should know what this means. For instance, it certainly doesn’t mean that your windows are incapable of being tinted. Instead, since there are different types of glass windows, according to their thickness and heat absorbency levels, the window film that is the most suitable for them can differ.

Window Tinting Works Best for Windows Without Energy Efficient Coatings

Windows that don’t have a thin layer of metal oxide inside the glass have low emissivity. These windows fall short of blocking out the heat and lack temperature control. This is why window tints work best on such types of windows, especially since they have great temperature retaining qualities and are super energy efficient.

Different Varieties to Choose From

There are three main varieties of window tints you can choose from. The temporary window tint, which is perfect for renters since they’re easy to remove and clean. The semi-permanent window tint, that is removable but tends to leave behind a sticky residue. And lastly, permanent window films; that cannot be removed at all. Additionally, the last two tints are a great fit for homeowners.

Where to Find the Best Window Tints?

Lastly, now that you know the five key principles before getting window tints, you’re all set for your big purchase. Nonetheless, for further queries or concerns, contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at (281) 351-4363 today!

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