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Window tints are a great way to brighten your living space and add a little zing to your house. Since they’re so easy to customize, they’re the top choice for giving your windows a makeover instead of replacing them. Plus, with all the other benefits that window tints provide, how can you not love them?

Moreover, besides their versatility, the best part about window films is that they offer you protection from the outside world. Be it from the harmful UV rays or shady onlookers, you get complete control over your privacy and safety.

Nonetheless, when it comes to gathering public opinion, there are quite a few myths that surround window tints. But don’t worry! We’re here to debunk all those misconceptions and bring you the hot take on what’s correct and what’s not.

Myth #1 — ‘Window Tints block the outside view.’

If anything, window tints improve your view and save you the trouble of squinting under the glaring sunlight. This is why Anti-glare tints, Night time tints, and Mirrored tints are great ways you can upkeep the safety perimeters while maintaining the scenery. As a result, you will have a beautiful view of the outside world. However, the outside world will not be able to peek in.

Myth: Busted

Myth #2 — ‘Window Tinting is Expensive.’

Compared to replacing entire windows, tinting is a far more affordable alternative. This is because residential window tinting is cheaper than high-quality glass windows. So, rather than taking out your windows as a whole, you can simply choose from the different types of window tints. The outcome? A beautiful yet inexpensive window makeover.

Myth: Busted

Myth #3 — ‘Window Tints are bad for house plants.’

Did you know plants thrive off of certain sun rays? In fact, plants don’t even need UV light to grow at all! They only require blue and red sun rays. The best part? Window tints do not block these essential rays of sunlight. Instead, they filter out the harmful glare of UV rays. This prevents your furniture from fading out. It even keeps your skin from getting damaged. Thus, your house plants are 100% safe and likely to blossom under window films.

Myth: Busted

Myth #4 — ‘Installing Window Films can be a fun DIY.’

Although it might seem like a piece of cake, installing window tints yourself is not as simple. You can easily mess up and accidentally trap air bubbles between the film and glass. Not to mention, dust and debris are quick to cling onto the sticky surface. The process might seem fun, but you won’t be left with a good end result. On the other hand, a professional window tinter has enough experience and skills to install your new window films without a single scratch.

Myth: Busted

Myth #5 — ‘Window Tints make your windows Bullet-proof.’

Let’s be honest, unless your windows are super thick, there’s no way they can repel bullets. Plus, window films aren’t magical enough to transform regular glass into bullet-proof. Nonetheless, A security window film can be used to keep your window intact if the glass shatters and breaks. But dodging bullets is a shot in the dark.

Myth: Busted

What’s the Takeaway?

Now that we have broken through the common misconceptions regarding window tints, isn’t it time for you to consider upgrading? For more information on glass tinting or in case of professional consultation, call (281) 351-4363. Here at Sun Masters Window Tinting, we aim to deliver the finest services in Houston, Texas.

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