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Aesthetic appeal, protection, and cost-effectiveness, these are some of the benefits window tints provide. But besides the long list of advantages, there are plenty of unanswered questions related to window tinting.

For instance, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “Are window tints applied on the inside of the windows or outside?”

The answer to that is pretty simple: most window films are pasted on the interior of the window. Albeit exterior window films exist, window tinting experts strongly advise against them.

Do You Tint The Inside of The Window or The Outside?

Professional window tinters recommend applying the window on the inside of the window. This allows the window film to last for a longer time. Moreover, it also protects from detrimental weather conditions and other external damages.

If you were to apply a window tint on the outside panel, there wouldn’t be as many benefits to it as the other way around. For example, when a window tint is placed on the inside of the window, it easily protects you from harmful UV rays, only letting the cool rays filter through.

That is to say; when the sunlight penetrates the window glass, it is blocked and filtered by the window tint on the inside. This helps only the needed sun rays to make their way inside your house.

What Do Window Films Look Like From The Outside?

Not in the best shape as you’d imagine. It’s pretty common for window tints to fade away, especially when proper care and maintenance aren’t taken.

It’s common to find scratches on the tint’s surface, along with peeling around the edges. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain companies that build durable exterior window films. However, regardless of how strong they might seem, constant exposure to unreliable factors can cause the window film to deteriorate at a much faster rate. This is why it is advised to stick to the interior window tint application.

This is What Happens if You Put Window Tint on The Outside

Due to the high risk of external stimuli, window films can suffer a lot of damage when applied on the outside. This includes factors like:

  • Heavy storms pelt debris at the tint’s surface.
  • Tree branches scratching the window film.
  • Birds, squirrels, or other animals clawing at the tinted glass
  • Excessive heat or negligence leads to the window tint peeling at the corners.
  • Frequent wear and tear from constant weather changes.

Thus, no matter how appealing the idea might seem, it’s not wise to apply window tints on the outside of a glass panel or window.

Looking To Get Your Home Windows Professionally Tinted?

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