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Window Tinting Blog

Window Films for Home Security

It can be hard to think about an intruder breaking into your home. The tough reality is that break-ins can happen to anyone. Window films are a great home security measure because they are durable, inexpensive, and very ...

24th June, 2019

Protect Your Eyes With Window Films

Bright sunlight isn’t just annoying. The UV rays emitted by sunlight can cause eye damage, massively impacting your health and lifestyle. In this article, we will explain the science behind this eye damage and how wind...

18th June, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Get Window Films this Summer

Summer has just begun, but it’s already unbearably hot in Houston. As you make your summer plans, why not consider getting window films installed? Summer is the perfect time of year to reap the amazing benefits of thes...

22nd May, 2019

How Window Films Help House Plants Thrive

Do you have house plants? If so, you might think that window frames just aren’t for you. After all, sunlight is the most vital part of raising plants! You might be surprised to know that window films are actually benef...

18th May, 2019

Update the Look of Your Business With Window Films

If you own your own commercial property, you know how important appearances can be. Your commercial building or office space represents your business to customers and the impression that they get from your building matte...

23rd April, 2019

Why You Should Use Your Tax Return on Window Tinting

Are you getting money back this tax season? Many people find themselves with a few extra dollars in April and May after they receive their annual tax return. If you’ve been waiting to have window films installed, now i...

17th April, 2019

Will Window Films Affect My View?

Before installing window films, many people are worried that their view will be affected. It’s easy to see why they are concerned. Window films are durable and protective. From the outside, they look as if they would b...

22nd March, 2019

3 Benefits of Blocking UV Rays With Window Films

Many people are aware of the hazards of UV rays when they step outside. If you wear sunglasses outdoors and apply sunscreen, you’re already taking major steps to reduce your exposure to these harmful rays. But the risk...

18th March, 2019

Window Films: A Strong Market for a Great Product

At their December meeting, the InternationalWindow Films Association(IWFA), elected two new officers, raising their numbers from 13 to 15 worldwide. The IWFA is an international non-profit that promotes the use of window...

23rd February, 2019

Why Window Tinting is Profitable for Your Business

The quote by Ben Franklin in Poor Richards Almanac, “A penny saved, is a penny earned” is as accurate today as it was then. Nowhere is it more evident than in businesses who apply window tinting to save money. Commer...

15th February, 2019