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One of the most common requirements people ask for when choosing a window film is a bulletproof window film? We all want to ensure the safety of our family, loved ones, ourselves, and our properties.

But did you know that the film is not bulletproof in any way? You must be expecting that you apply a window film on your glass window, and you’ve made it bulletproof. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The glass that is used in home windows is thin and not manufactured in a way to stop a bullet from breaking it.

But that doesn’t mean there is no way to make it bulletproof. The film can make it bullet resistance up to an extent, but that depends on many different factors. I.e., what do you want to defend against and how can you counter the situation, etc.

How Important Is Security For Us And You?

We understand your requirement before providing you with a solution. We take security very seriously; hence when it comes to fixing window films on windows, we ensure we first visit your location for an inspection. This way, you can make your location secured within your budget.

Security Window Film & Riot Glass Options

Many brands manufacture security window films that can provide a basic level of security and protection. Their specialty is that these window films can hold the broken glass together. They are able to hold broken glass together for a longer period of time. Remember that if the threat cannot enter your facility, the chances of damage are also less. This will help you prepare to react or call for help.

On the other hand, another product you can go ahead with is Riot Glass. This comes in several different specifications and is virtually unbreakable. This glass is manufactured in a special way to help keep you and your loved ones safe behind it.

What’s Next?

If you are not sure if you are looking for a regular window film or a bulletproof one, start by calling us at (281)351-4363 and schedule an inspection appointment. Our technicians will visit your facility and take a tour of the complete area. When we visit you, please tell us your requirement in detail and also share your budget. We must have a clear understanding of your budget because it may be possible that what you’re asking for may not fit within your budget.

Once our team is clear with what you require, we will evaluate the complete requirement and share a quote with you. We will offer you the best window film solutions for your facility. And we will ensure that when work is going on, no window opening is left open overnight. We will go one by one to ensure the safety of your facility and loved ones. Remember, Sun Masters Window Tinting is there when you want to make an informed window film decision.

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