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There’s no doubt that window tints amplify the surrounding of a room. They can make every window pop, all the while increasing privacy, security, and even temperature control. But what if you bought into a house with pre-installed textured glass windows?

As pretty as textured or patterned glass is, there’s not much you can do to cover it up. Even decorating it can be pretty tough. Nevertheless, if you want to amp up your space and make use of textured glass, don’t worry. We’re here to help out.

Can You Apply Window Tints on Textured Glass?

Technically, no.

No matter what you try to stick on top of patterned glass, it’ll fall. This means that a window tint is the last thing to stay.

Due to the rough edges and dips in the design, the adhesives don’t properly stick to the patterned glass. That is why experts recommend starting with a smooth base.

Window films can only be applied on a smooth and clean surface. This helps them glue better and allows them to last for a really long time. But on textured glass, no matter what you do, the design can naturally tear through the fragile window film.

Why Does My Window Film Keep Falling Off?

If your window film keeps slipping down or lifting away from the corners, chances are you didn’t apply it correctly. Or, perhaps you didn’t clean the area beforehand. However, if you tried to DIY by pasting a window tint over a textured window, you’re in for disappointment.

The key role of applying a window tint is cleaning the surface. Swipe it down with a washcloth to clear away any cobwebs or dust. Next, make sure the trimming of the tint is perfectly proportioned to the window size. This is usually when people mess up. Rather than taking on the challenge yourself, seek advice from an expert on the matter.

Moreover, forcefully applying a window film to the unruly glass surface will only waste your time and money. The ridges of a patterned glass window ruin the adhesive on the back of the tint. Thus, when the air slips inside the areas lifted from the glass surface, it’ll only cause the tint to fall down, constantly messing with your aesthetic.

How to Properly Apply a Window Film on Pattered Glass?

Just because you can’t apply a tint on textured glass doesn’t mean you can’t find a way around it. With a professional by your side, you can get your windows tinted without any mess-ups.

Nevertheless, here are some alternatives on how you can paste a window film on top of patterned glass windows:

  1. Sand it Down
    If your glass window only has minor ups and downs, the best way to deal with it would be by sanding it down and smoothing out the surface.
  2. Attach a Layer of 1/8” Glass
    You can’t attach a window film on textured glass, but you certainly can glue a wafer-thin glass panel on top of it. With a 1/8” smooth glass surface, you can choose any type of window tint you want.
  3. Use the Outer Smooth Surface
    If your textured glass window is smooth on the outside but patterned on the inside, consider it your lucky day. Although it will bring down the longevity of a tint, you can still use the outer surface for a smooth application.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

All in all, it’s advised not to apply a window tint on the textured or patterned glass. Simply because it will not stick. Instead, you can contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at (281) 351-4363 for more information and advice. You can also visit our office to meet our experts at 13943 Tribe Dr, Cypress, TX 77429.

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