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Window tint comes in many options; it varies in chemicals or types of materials used to coat the underlying, transparent film – including carbon and ceramic. These tint layers change the exterior looks, as well as the performance of the tint. These products also vary in price, depending on the layer’s attributes: strength and durability.

Ceramic Tint vs Carbon Tint – Which is Better?

There is no doubt that ceramic tinting is the best option in terms of durability and quality. But that does not mean it is the best product for your requirements. And, this is especially true if you are low on budget.

Here are some things to consider when arguing between ceramic tint and carbon tint:

Is security an issue for you?

While we can debate that ceramic tint is better than carbon, most clients don’t necessarily require security level offered by ceramic window tinting, which is virtually shatter-proof. If you have a grocery store or commercial building in a less secure part of city or your business is frequently vandalized or broken into, the security benefits offered by ceramic window films are worth investing in.

Are you more interested in energy-efficiency?

If energy-efficiency is your top priority, you are probably more interested in carbon window tinting. This type of tinting does the job to prevent solar heat gain and sun fading but has a lower price. Metal window films will also do the job, but you may better like the opacity of carbon to the shinier or more reflective qualities of metalized options.

Would your home or business benefit from privacy?

Are you starting to feel crushed and occupied? Whether your home or office is located on a busy street or your bathroom window is up against your neighbor’s bedroom window, most window film options offer the benefit of privacy. Ceramic and carbon are both options in this case. Still, we would only recommend paying higher price for ceramic window tinting if you also desire heightened safety, security, or anti-shattering properties.

You may desire in-house privacy in some cases, so large and small screens are not visible from outside. This is a popular choice for businesses with window-lined meeting rooms where confidential data may be displayed on screens during conferences.

Feel free to contact Sun Masters Window Tinting to learn more about ceramic tint vs. carbon tint. We are Houston’s finest and most reputable source for window film installation.

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