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For over a decade, most of window tinting products were dyed or metalized to provide the benefits that window tinting offers for your home, office, and or cars. Now new products are entering the markets but relatively at higher prices. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type can help to decide which one is the best for you. Keep reading to know the differences between ceramic tint vs traditional or regular tint.

Regular Window Tint

The most common use of regular window tinting products is protection from the sun and to add a layer of privacy. The tones of the film vary from lighter to darker and usually come in the shades of brown, gray, or black. While these tints block the sunlight, but they are not so efficient overall. This is because the UV rays still enter the room and can elevate the temperatures.

These films can somehow survive regular wear and tear, but a scratch from a hard or sharp object can easily damage them. In terms of cost, regular window tinting is easy on your budget. But it does not justify its durability. So there is a chance that you may have to go for tinting again after several years.

Ceramic Window Tint 

Ceramic window tinting is best on its own. They are made from the same types of sheets as regular ones but are coated with ceramic particles. Ceramic window tinting in real reflects the UV rays and sun glare as well as heat. They come in varying shades, so you have a variety to choose from. They are very tolerable of scratches or tears. In terms of cost, they are far more expensive, but they remain a cheap option due to their durability.

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