Thousands of today’s professional, commercial and retail buildings feature more and bigger windows, atriums and skylights than ever in their open architecture. The more windows and glass, the greater the chance that the sun’s heat and damaging ultraviolet rays will wreak their havoc and affect the furnishings and people within.

Can you afford the harsh effects of the sun on the interior of your office or building?

Can you afford the excessive glare and heat the sun can create?

The sun can be very costly…reducing heat and air-conditioning efficiency. Employees may experience the results of excessive glare at a computer terminal. Valuable equipment may be subjected to intense heat and expensive furnishings may fade.

What’s it worth to have protection from the sun’s harmful rays for your capital investments? What’s it worth to have a comfortable temperature year-round that can reduce energy costs and create a more productive working environment due to reduced heat and glare?

What is Commercial Window Film?

Window film is a protective micro-thin layer of film designed to shield your office or professional building from the intense heat, glare and UV rays of the sun.

  • It enhances the insulation properties of your building or office, saving you energy costs.
  • It improves tenant comfort, thus reducing complaints.
  • It provides a comfortable and productive working environment.
  • It offers solar protection for your interior furnishings and everything and everyone contained in the interior.
  • It establishes a uniform appearance on the outside, enhancing instead of diminishing the building’s architecture.