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There are more uses for window films than controlling heat, sunlight and privacy. When you get creative, window films can add new decorative elements to your home or commercial building. All it takes is a little imagination and some ideas from the professionals at Sun Masters.

Decorative window films can completely change the appearance and feel of a space, so get your thinking cap on, and feel free to call in the experts, if you are struggling to come up with a theme that meets all your needs.

Door Décor with Window Films

If you have door side glass in your home, you can use window films to create color contrast. Door side windows provide an excellent canvas for window films that will prevent people from seeing in, as well as completely changing the appearance of your entryways. Tinted window films work well against white doors without dominating the color scheme.

Half Window Covering

When you have window films there is no requirement that you shut out the entire world. In fact, at Sun Masters, we positively encourage the incorporation of half window covering. You can add window films to the bottom sash while allowing light to naturally flow through your top windows. This idea works especially well in kitchens and bedrooms with double-sash window installations.

Added Shower Door Privacy

If your shower door isn’t quite doing enough to protect your modesty, consider adding window films for added privacy. You get the added benefit of keeping the temperature just right, while you relax in the shower. Plus, window films will give the impression of a completely new shower door, so you won’t have to remodel any time soon.

Kitchen Backsplash

Window films match well with any color of a kitchen cabinet or worktop, which is why they are the perfect material for a decorative backsplash. The surface is easy to clean and helps to effectively conduct heat for better energy efficiency. There is absolutely no downside to using window films as a backsplash. Rest assured it will impress your family and friends.

Decorative Office Plan

Decorative window films add class to any office space with windows. You can break up the uniformity of plain windows and put your own stamp on your office space. If you are feeling especially creative, there is also the option of creating different themes for meeting rooms, offices, training rooms, etc.

At Sun Masters, we are experts in both residential and commercial window films. If you need professional help making your creative vision a reality, call today, and speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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