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Window films have numerous benefits; every type serves a different purpose. If you want to lower your electric bills and reduce the amount of bright sunlight entering indoors, opt for solar window film. Moreover, to enhance security, invest in the security window film. The film can stop the intruders from unwanted entry into the premises, and the glass is strong enough to withhold the pressure and not break easily if some damage is done. Another option is the night privacy residential window films; these are popular in providing optimal security and privacy to your property.

The reflective film won’t work at night

People have this misconception that the reflective film can provide privacy both in the day and night. However, this is not true; it might work at day in bright sunlight. At night when the lights switch on inside, the film no longer provides complete privacy. It might work opposite in the day and night. The light reflects like a mirror on these films; hence in the daytime, in bright sunlight, the people walking outside may see their reflections. Reflective films are ideal for the workplace during the day, but not when inside lights are operational. So, remember to use shutters or blinds with these films at night in your home for privacy.

Residential window films for night privacy

So, what if you are looking for a window film that provides privacy at night, along with daytime. Varieties of options are available to choose from, but you have to make choices as per your needs and requirements. Few of them are as follows;

Decorative window films
This type of film enhances privacy in your indoors and provides a decorative design to your residence. It is different from a reflective window film and is not tinted but has a design on it. The window film is ideal for places that need optimum privacy, like shower rooms or bathroom windows. Tons of plans and patterns are available, including geometric styles, dots, lines, frosted, etc.

Blackout window films
When you need full-time privacy and protection, use the blackout window films. It completely blocks both sides view inside and outside. With decorative window films, some light enters; however, these kinds stop the light completely. It is not for those people who prefer some sunlight to come indoors. It is found in garages and storage rooms where you don’t need any outside interference.

Perforated window films
This type doesn’t let anyone look inside and also changes the look of your window. It is opaque, black on the inside, and white or brightly colored from the outside. You can look outside through this window, but it has a substantial effect from the other side. The type is used mainly in stores or offices, and people rarely use it at home. However, it depends on the need.

Apart from these, many other night privacy residential window films are available. To know more about it, contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at 281-351-4363.

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