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Window films save energy and provide privacy for your family, day or night. Reflective screens, frosted glass and textured window films can protect your family from prying eyes, reduce glare and prevent fading of furniture and rugs from exposure to sunlight. You can keep the view from your windows without sacrificing comfort or incurring damage to your furnishings.

Window Films Offer Daytime Privacy

Fading caused by excessive heat can damage curtains and cause discoloration. Besides being exposed to UV rays, if your house sits close to the street, you may be worried about privacy because people can see inside. This risk to privacy is especially valid if you have children who get home from school before everyone else.

Nighttime Privacy

Parents who work the late shift and must leave their families for several hours in the evening may be concerned about privacy issues. Textured, frosted or reflective window films keep anyone from being able to see inside when the lights are on at night. Window films provide additional privacy for homeowners by using the newest technologies, installations and designs.

Another benefit to adding high-tech window films to your windows is that it strengthens the glass making it harder to break and make it much safer for children because the glass stays tethered to the film and there are no shards.

These window films are constructed from a polyester material that bonds it to the glass, so in the event the window breaks due to storms, high winds, or vandalism, it keeps the shards intact. This makes it safer for your family and cleanup is much easier.

Sun Damage From UV Rays

Heat from the sun not only increases the temperature in a room, it makes your air conditioner work longer to maintain the temperature. This makes for a large utility bill. One way to combat this problem is to install reflective window films to block out heat and harmful UV rays that cause increased temperatures and fading of furniture and interior designs.

Blocking or reducing the amount of heat and light that passes through windows can save money and energy, which makes your home’s air conditioner more efficient. The rooms in the house stay cooler, which means energy bills can be lowered by as much as 15-30 percent. Window films let the light in but block the heat transfer that raises the temperature inside.

High-tech window films can save money and ensure privacy for your family.

Sun Masters

Contact Sun Masters to find out what we can do for you, (281) 351-4363. Visit our website to install window films, to protect your family’s privacy day and night. Window films also preserve home furnishings, add curb appeal and help you start saving energy right away.

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