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You must have seen lots of window tints in your workplace or in the neighbors, but have you wondered what purpose they have and their benefits? A window tint changes the indoor environment of your home and workplace. It blocks the sunlight from penetrating inside the glass on hot summer days, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Other than this, it prevents the place from intruders, and it’s not easy to trespass the window. Various varieties are available, like mirror tint for home windows and commercial sites. Hence, let’s discuss different types of window tints and their uses.

Mirror tint for home windows

A mirror tint is excellent for use at home; it comes with two options; one way or two ways. Using two ways will make it visible from both sides. However, at home, we usually use the one-way option. It is best to use as the person sitting indoors only, will be able to see outside and enjoy the view without anyone knowing outdoors. It adds privacy to the area, and no one from the outside will be able to peek in. Especially house with huge windows can have the mirror tint so that no one can look into the house, while the light can still enter in from one side of the mirror, making the indoors bright and lighten up.

Solar control tint

The tint is best to use in places where summers are scorching. It acts as a sunblock by moderately absorbing and reflecting 99% sun rays. Hence the indoor area stays cool in summers and warm in winters. The film benefits by reducing electricity bills as less heat mean reduced units of air-conditioning. Apart from it, the indoor furniture stays safe from the intense sun rays and doesn’t fade.

Glare control tint

This type is suitable for rooms that have computer devices in it. We all know how annoying it is when the sun’s glare points on the screen, and we cannot watch the TV. The glare control film will let the sunlight in to brighten the room but won’t disturb you. It works just like sunglasses, using which you can look everywhere but the sun doesn’t bother you.

Decorative tint

The decorative tint is a bit more expensive than other types and uses different dyes to give its effect. While its preparation, the colors are added by melting and stretching it. They are thin, provide maximum privacy, and are extremely strong. These are available in many designs, patterns, and colors as per your home requirements.

Security tint

The security tint is one of the thickest versions available, as they are prepared to make the place fully secure. No intruder can come in without permission. The window is safe in storm conditions and holds more robust than other types.

Along with these, similar types of mirror tint for home windows are available for you to choose as per the need. If you are interested in getting window tints for a residential or commercial place, contact Sun Master Window Tinting for further information. Our window tinting will block 99% of UV radiation and reduce the glare by 90%. Call us at 281-351-4363 to schedule your appointment.

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