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Installing window tints in your office and home has various benefits. You get privacy, security, and protection from UV rays. Plus, they are cost-effective as well. However, window tints do not last forever. It is a sad and inevitable fact that your window tints deteriorate over time. But the good news is: you can always replace old window tints with new ones!

Below, we will give you signs that it is time to replace your window tints.

Signs You Need a New Window Film

Certain signs indicate that it’s time to get a new window film. Therefore, you can expect the following warning sign to show up if your window tints are deteriorating:

1. Tint Starts Fading
This is an obvious sign that you need a new window film. Sun exposure, low-quality film, poor installation, and heat exposure all can result in your window films fading. If your window films are new, it is most likely due to a poor installation job or low-quality films. Whatever the reason, it is better to get new ones.

2. Bubbles Start Forming Between Window & The Film
Has your window film been looking a little bubble-y lately? Chances are the sunlight got to it. Sun exposure can cause the window film to break down chemically. Thus, you need to replace your window film.

3. Tint turning purple
Window tint dye consists of yellow, red, and blue dyes. Yellow tint has a comparatively unstable compound than blue and red ones. As a result, UV exposure leaves behind a red-blue combination – turning your window tint purple. Thus, if your window tints have been looking a little purple lately, it might the time to get new ones.

4. Cracking Window Tints
Frequent sun exposure can make your window tints vulnerable and brittle over time. Hence, they can break if anything hits them. If your window tints are starting to crack, it’s high time to replace them.

5. Tint is Peeling off of the Window
Sun exposure comes with plenty of drawbacks for your window tints. Tinting your windows can remarkably protect you, your possessions, and the interior of your house from the harmful effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, your window tints might give in to the pressure of frequent sun exposure. Consequently, the adhesive attached to film and windows starts wearing off. If this happens, you might notice the window’s tints or films beginning to peel off from the corner. Get new window tints now if you notice that your old ones are not adhering to the window well.

What do I do Now?

If your window tints are starting to deteriorate, you should replace them with new ones. Poor installation, heat, and frequent sun exposure can damage your home window tints. Although window tints are meant to last 10 to 25 years, they can start getting damaged in three months. Therefore, it is important that you get good quality films installed by a professional. We provide the best window film services you’ll ever get at Sun Masters Window Tinting. Just give us a call at 281-932-0643 right now!

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