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When you are considering etched glass or decorative window films for your home or business, there are three variables you should examine: price, privacy and permanence. For most homeowners, privacy is an enormous priority, while business and commercial enterprises will likely be more concerned with price and permanence.

Decorative Window Films for Homes

What many architects and home designers find confusing is how people in the market for a new home say they want big windows with panoramic views, but, once they move in, they cover them with blinds or drapes. They cover those vistas and the natural light they once claimed to crave, never to be seen again.

Decorative window films or etched glass could give them the views and the bright sunlight they desire while adding the privacy they need. However, many homeowners would not want to wait the 6 to 8 weeks it could take to complete the etching or sandblasting required. Waiting to move in might not be an option.

Likewise, they may not want to spend the money to buy temporary covers for privacy while the work gets completed, especially considering they can get the same effects and creative designs from decorative window films. Plus, the films are less costly and are removable should the homeowner change their mind about the design or effect they created.

Decorative Window Films for Businesses

Etched glass and decorative window films can be money-makers for businesses. Commercial enterprises can use either method to embellish storefront windows with logos, artistic impressions, and even signage if desired.

The primary concern for business owners with etched glass is the permanent nature of sandblasting or etching designs into the glass, as opposed to decorative window films. Those films can get replaced with new concepts, emblems or logos, readily. There might be an economic concern when etching the glass rather than applying window films beyond the energy savings of either method.

Designers can use these decorative window films to diffuse 90 to 99 percent of UV rays that would otherwise bleach or fade costly displays. At the same time, you’ve created signs and designs. Owners can use window films to give the glass a frosted, etched-glass look to reduce the glare and increase energy efficiency.

Decorative window films come in a variety of patterns, colors and opacity. Blackout or whiteout films are possible, as are reflective films. The professional technicians at Sun Masters can create a unique and exclusive look for your business.

Decorative Window Films From Sun Masters

Call Sun Masters, (281) 351-4363, to discuss your options with decorative window films. Visit our website to get some ideas of how other businesses and homeowners have used window films to realize energy savings and great-looking storefronts. Or, use our helpful contact form and request an appointment for a consultation and free estimate.

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