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If you are not looking forward to seeing your energy bills skyrocketing this summer, it is time to take steps to beat the heat without breaking the bank. Not only do window films improve the aesthetic look of your windows, they also act as an extra layer of insulation for your home. During the day, window film will help reduce the amount of heat and sunlight entering the home and will trap heat already in the home at night.

Window Films Insulate

Window films act as a thermal shield and will vastly improve the insulating properties of your windows, saving you up to 30 percent on your energy bills during the summer. You won’t have to run your air conditioning on high during the day, and at night you will benefit from any ambient heat that is locked in, thanks to your window films.

At the height of a Houston summer, glare can make it difficult to relax in rooms that get the most sun. By installing window films, you can still benefit from longer days of natural sunlight that is filtered through your window films.

An Added Layer of Protection

Your material and wood furniture items will last much longer when you have window films installed in your home. The rays of the sun cause furniture to fade, losing its color and looking old before its time. This is especially true on cloudless summer days when there is no natural shade from UV light. The same applies for your paintwork or any art pieces you may have hanging on your walls.

Window films reinforce glass and act as a bonding agent, if a window is shattered. This strong film will help keep all the pieces in place should any breakage occur. This is especially helpful during stormy weather, as the window film will prevent rain and debris from entering your home. You will also benefit from added privacy from prying eyes. While you can still see outside, no one looking at your home from the sidewalk will have a view of the inside of your home.

Sun Masters

At Sun Masters, we provide expert installation of window films for Houston homeowners. Our services are professional and affordable for both residential and commercial properties. We also provide a free estimate and consultation to all customers. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of window films, call Sun Masters today to speak with a friendly representative.

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