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Are you planning to get your kitchen windows treated and don’t know where to start? We might be able to help. You should enhance your kitchen by going for ideas that fit your mood and aesthetic.

Kitchen Windows Treatments: What to Consider?

But before you jump to an idea, we suggest you consider a few factors first. If anything, they will definitely help in narrowing down your options. Moreover, you will find it easier to decide what to go for!

These are the aspects you should NOT look over while choosing a kitchen window treatment:

1. Enhances Your Kitchen:

Does your idea spice up your kitchen’s appearance? If not, we suggest you think twice. If you are treating your kitchen window– why not treat it right? Add your personalized style to your kitchen. Make it look pleasing and inviting. Shades, curtains, blinds, or anything you pick, make sure it is eye-catching. If you are putting your money on something, make sure it LOOKS its part!

2. Will Be Easy to Clean:

The kitchen is where your meal is cooked. Yes, cooking can be messy and sometimes hectic. But it is also a place where cleanliness is a must! Hence, make sure that your kitchen treatments are something that you can manage and keep clean. Keep in mind that it can catch spots and stains due to oils, fumes, or other cooking items. In this light, it should be easy to clean too. What is the use of having decorative treatment if it looks unclean and dulls the look of your kitchen instead? Remember, your kitchen should look and feel hygienic.

Fabric curtains, valances, and solar blinds are among the easy-to-clean options. Hang them where the splashes are most likely to happen. On the other hand, items like wood blinds and Roman Shades have to be elaborately cleaned. Make sure to put the hard-to-clean items in areas where they are least likely to catch spots.

3. Maintains Privacy:

Privacy is important! Make sure you choose a treatment that not only lets light in but also maintains your privacy so that no one can peek in through your window. You can opt for shelters, blinds, etc., for momentary privacy. But if you want round-the-clock privacy– try going for one-way window treatments. This way, you will see outside, but no one can look inside. Make sure to check the privacy before finalizing treatment. This will help you know what is visible from your window.

4. Offers Protection from UV Rays:

The UV rays of the sun are risky for you and your kitchen as they can ruin your furnishing and setup as well as raise the temperature. Make sure to get a glass with protecting abilities.


Getting a kitchen window treatment is a good initiative! But make sure you think everything through to land on the right decision. If you are looking to get a window tinting for your kitchen, contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at 281-351-4363 or

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