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What Do Window Tints Do?

So you’ve been getting into the world of window tinting, have you? Be it for aesthetic reasons or the need for security; window tints are a great way to spruce up your surroundings. You can add a little flair to your house or even try to keep your interior furnishing from fading out. Thanks to all the kinds of window tints that there are, you can pick and choose whatever suits your style the best. Besides being a worthy investment, there are multiple benefits that different types of window tint can provide you with.

  • Enhanced layer of security.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Saves energy.
  • Amplifies aesthetic appearance.
  • Keeps furniture from fading out.
  • Temperature management.

9 Types of Window Tints

There are multiple types of window tints that exist. Ranging from cheap to expensive, semi-transparent to completely opaque, window tinting offers it all!

Decorative Tint
Decorative glass film is the cheapest option. It is made entirely from pigmented dyes, moreover, it aids in increasing privacy as well as the aesthetic beauty of one’s windows. From logos to lettering to opaque or see-through intricate designs, Decorative tints come in all shapes and colors.

Colored Tint
Colored window tints are formulated from pure, monochromatic dyes. Although they’re reflective, they emit a lovely shade of color that can brighten up your surroundings.

Solar Tint
A solar tint is your best bet if you want to keep the heat away. Blocking away 99% of the harmful UV rays, a solar tint covering up your windows will make your life easier. Not only does it retain heat during winter, but it also absorbs it during summer. It’s like a two-way magic system!

Security Tint
If enhancing security is your first priority, then a security glass film should do the trick. It adds an extra strong hold onto your window and prevents any cases of robbery or break-in attempts. Even natural disasters, like storms, won’t be able to shake you up. Thanks to the multiple coatings of laminated polyester covering it up, you’ll be safe and sound with nothing to worry about.

Insulating Window Tint
An added layer of insulation can improve the general security of your house. Not only will it maintain the temperature for you – be it summer or winter, it will also let you enjoy plenty of natural sunlight without the damaging UV rays.

Carbon Tint
Carbon window tints are made from non-reflective material. It contains carbon inside its casing, which helps to give off a beautiful matte finish. It even blocks off 40% of infrared rays which helps to regulate indoor temperature.

Anti-Glare Tint
Perfect for offices or rooms with multiple windows, Anti-Glare tints do exactly as their name suggests. Created from the same coating as that on your sunglasses, anti-glare films are the best at filtering out harsh lights.

Frosted Tint
One of the most common kinds of window tints you’ve probably seen is frosted films. These are perfect for partial cover ups since they help to add privacy to certain areas. Be it conference rooms, waiting rooms, or even your bathroom window.

Mirrored Tint
Mirrored window tints can either have a one-way effect or a two-way effect. In both versions, the installed tint reflects just like a mirror from the outside. However, they’re highly reflective and offer daytime privacy at most. Not to mention, whenever the light shines bright it activates the mirror effect.

So, What Now?

By now, you’re probably swamped with thoughts and ideas. What should you do? Well, reach out to Sun Masters, of course! We offer expert opinions on only the best types of window tint, suited for all your needs. Call now at 281-351-4363.

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