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Home window tinting is an excellent investment. It protects your house, your furniture; and your family from the dangers of ultraviolet rays and the lurking eyes of strangers and neighbors. However, some people have misconceptions about window tints that hold them back.

The first and most non-worthy of these misconceptions is that window tints kill your houseplants. Also, know that the tinting material in the window film is simply to prevent your skin from being affected by UV rays. It dampens the flow of sunlight so that you only receive as much sunlight as you want. It does not hurt houseplants in any manner. In fact, plants have been popular to get burnt sometimes due to UV rays exposure, and window tints, instead of killing these plants, protect them from getting burnt.

The second misconception is that you cannot clean the window tints after their installation. While it is true because if you clean them abrasively you may damage them, hence you can indeed clean them with a soft cloth. Try not to use too much force and use a gentle hand.

People also wrongly but commonly believe that window tints can damage or break your window. What matters, in this case, is that you hire a professional window tint installer who can analyze your window and install your window film accordingly. If you plan to commit the deed yourself, you may damage your window severely.

Some people refrain from installing window tints because they fear that their homes will get too dark if they do. You need to understand that the level of sunlight exposure you want in your home is entirely your choice. Window tints come with multiple levels of tinting; and if you like, you can install a lighter shade of tinting that won’t reduce the exposure to sunlight to a great deal but will still protect your home from UV rays.

If you want to learn more about home window tints; you can speak to our specialists at Sun Masters Window Tinting. Call us at (281) 351-4363 now.

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