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It is not some secret gossip, the things Houston is infamous for. It’s high crime rate, searing heat and catastrophic natural disasters, being the most common. But still the diverse population of residents there are unwilling to leave the city for many more reasons. What if there was a way that could assist in easing the worries of people there and make living there a little less challenging?

Reasons why safety and security window tinting is a must in Texas

  • Privacy
    Whether it be a home or business owner, no one likes their prying eyes, especially of a stranger. For a homeowner, the peacefulness and protection of their family, and for a business owner, the privacy of their workers or security of their goods, is very important.

    We at Sun Masters Window Tinting, have many tinted films of the best quality, to guarantee freedom from visual interference. Especially our security window tints, that not only helps in providing you with a comfortable haven but also ensures your safekeeping.

  • Crime Rate
    With a crime rate of 57 per one thousand residents, Houston has one of the highest crime rates in all of America. Considering this, going to sleep at night or leaving the property unguarded must not be as relaxing or carefree for people there as it should be.

    Making sure the surveillance cameras are working smoothly and double checking the locks on the doors and windows must be a stressful daily occurrence. But even if the locks are securely closed, what about the glass on the windows? Are they not vulnerable to shattering on impact in case someone tries to break in? When it comes to this, a security film applied to the interior surface of windows can prove to be quite effective.

    The coating of polyester material, though transparent, can hold glass shards together on impact, working as an added layer of protection against intruders.

  • Natural Disasters
    The climate of Houston is classified as a humid subtropical climate, with tropical influences. Its summer temperatures have been soaring in recent years and coastal hurricanes are growing more destructive.As for tornadoes, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information, there have been 246 tornadoes confirmed in Harris County, where Houston is located, since 1950. Making up an average of about three twisters every year. A catastrophic aftermath after such calamities is not uncommon, however that is not the case every time.

    The sturdy concrete walls and doors of any establishment can withstand the harsh winds and rain and even the occasional hits from flying objects, but even the most brittle windows can shatter by such blows. To get a shield like protection from Houston’s fierce weather conditions, and reduce the risk of injuries from shattered glass shards, our safety and security window tints are the best choice for you.

Final Takeaway

Houston is not an easy place to live, no matter how much one would like the city. So why not make life there a little less nerve-wrecking by giving your living, work or storage space an extra layer of security? So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (281) 932-0643, and get the finest quality security film installation, by our experts at Sun Masters Window Tinting!

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