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Tinting your house windows comes with many benefits. But sometimes, you might notice it looks a little purple. Some window tints start to change color gradually. There is no certain reasoning for it, but many experts have linked window tint discoloration with constant UV exposure. This blog discusses why some window tints turn purple and what to do about it.

What Causes Some Window Tints to Change Colors?

Fading and changing colors are typical with some window tints. Not every window tint will change colors; fading is common in auto windows. However, it might still happen to architectural windows from time to time.

There is no specific reason why window tints change color. Many experts have concluded that UV rays can damage and cause alteration in the dye used in the window. Usually, fading or discoloration is a result of using cheap dyes. Therefore, a quality window tint with suitable dyes will not show these signs. Moreover, the window tint might change colors if the dye is applied to the film after UV coating. Hence, always get window films from a reputable company, so you don’t have to face the consequences.

Why do Window Tints Turn Purple?

Cheap manufacturing processes can leave a mark on your window tints, usually a purple one. Most discolored window tints turn purple. This is because, typically, window films use the dye combination of green, yellow, red, and blue. A yellow dye is composed of unstable compounds in comparison to red and blue dyes. Therefore, yellow and green dyes break down first, leaving behind red and blue dyes. Red and blue blend to make purple, the color that window tints usually adopt. Hence, cheap window tints will take a purple shade over time.

What Can I do to Avoid My Home Window Tints from Turning Purple?

Good-quality window tints won’t change colors for a long time. The reason is that they use higher-quality dyes in the manufacturing process. As a result, the unstable yellow and green dye lasts as long as the red and blue dyes, increasing the longevity of window tints. Therefore, window tints remain the same color as they fade over time, inevitably. Furthermore, manufacturers sometimes add UV absorbers to the window film as an extra measure to prevent it from turning purple. These UV absorbers absorb the UV rays before the dye can be damaged, releasing it as heat.

Another thing companies can do: is avoid putting the dye over UV protection. This allows the people to see through their durable window tints, as purple window tints can make it hard for them to do so.

What Should I do?

Purple window tints can ruin the charm of your windows. They might make it difficult to enjoy the outside view or just look outside. The purple color in your house window tint can indicate deterioration and a cheap manufacturing job. Therefore, get high-quality window tints from the best companies, like Sun Masters Window Tinting. We have the best, high-quality window films; dial 281-351-4363 for more information and get top-notch window tints now.

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