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Residencial privacy films are highly beneficial. They provide your home a layer of privacy that curtains and blinds cannot offer. No one outside your home can look inside, and it doesn’t affect your view of the outside from the inside.

You can also choose how much light you want to enter your home. Reducing the opacity level protects your home and family from UV rays. Your energy costs are reduced substantially, and maintenance cost for the window film doesn’t cost much. Decorative residential window films can also be unique and stylish. If you have a lot of Italian furniture in your room, why not have a similar window to go with it? With decorative residential window films, it is all possible.

Decorative residential window films are handy as well. You can use them to hide the contents of your kitchen cabinets so that if you have guests at your house, they won’t be able to see inside the cabinet. Window films make great shower doors as well, especially for a family bathroom. It adds a layer of privacy.

Window films can also give the impression and look of treated or textured glass. No one needs to know the glass isn’t etched.

Choosing window films isn’t easy. How much opacity do you need? What kind of decorative design will look best in your home? What type of window film is best for you? If you need help choosing a window film for your home, call us at 281-351-4363, our experts from Sun Masters Window Tinting will visit you and help you with what you need.

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