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Windows provide light and a sense of spaciousness; however they can also be a vulnerable point for your business. One hard blow and shattered glass could be all over your establishment. If you don’t have laminated windows, what can you do about it? Retrofit your windows with safety film. This inexpensive improvement to the windows on your business can save you time and money in the event of a disaster.

An Added Layer of Protection

Safety films provide protection should a break occur. A broken window may not sound like much, other than a big headache to repair; however, when a window shatters and glass shards become projectiles, people can be seriously injured. Safety films on the windows prevent this scenario.

Window glass can break for a variety of reasons. If the window is struck with enough force, or with a suitable object, it will shatter. Storms damage windows frequently. In some instances there is also the possibility of vandals or thieves breaking a window. Safety film mitigates the damage in all cases. Bits and pieces of glass will not go flying about no matter the cause of the breakage.

Protect Your Patrons and Employees

In today’s world there is always a reason to expect the unexpected. When you add safety films to your windows your patrons and employees are protected from the harm that could be caused by flying glass in the event of a disaster. A major storm with high winds or large hail could do serious damage. Though it isn’t always discussed, many of the injuries people sustain during such natural disasters are cuts and injuries due to glass.

Deter Thieves

You may have display windows that make it tempting for the would-be-thief. Merchandise has been lost and windows smashed during “smash and grab” break-ins. Safety films make this type of burglary less appealing to thieves. If it should happen, you won’t have shattered glass covering everything.

Safety Films Are a Great Investment

Window safety films are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles at Sun Masters. If you’d like the added advantage of tinting to keep the sun’s harsh rays from fading your merchandise or causing distracting glare in your business, let us know. We also have reflective films available to modernize the look of your building. Invest in providing an extra measure of safety to your business by investing in safety films.

Contact Sun Masters for more information. We will answer all your questions about safety films and how they can enhance and protect your business. Give us a call today.

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