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How Window Film Saves Energy

Enjoy Cool Comfort with Our Tinting Products. Lower Room Temps,

up to 15° and Lower Your Utility Bill from 30% to 50%.

Reduce Shatter and Scatter with the Toughest Security Films on the Market. If your Glass Breaks, the Film Helps Hold the Fragments Together.

How Window Film Saves Energy

Residential Windows Film & Tinting Services In Houston Tx

Our Panorama Film products are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry by Solar-Gard, a world leader in film technologies. These films offer the very best in clarity, thermal properties, and color, and they come with the best warranties available.

When heat is transferred from a region of higher temperature to one of lower temperature, the difference in the two temperatures will attempt to move to zero. This is not possible when heat is transferred from the outside into your home through your glass windows. The transfer of heat always moves from a hot area to a cool area with a corresponding rise in temperature in the cool area. Because of this principle, during warm months the inside of your house heats up from the transfer of heat through your windows.

Residential Windows Film & Tinting Services In Houston Tx
Safety And Security Window Film

There are three types of heat transfer; radiation, conduction, and convection. When considering window films, radiation if the most important heat transfer process because it moves heat by way of infrared waves. This radiant energy is transmitted through a window and then converted to heat when it strikes an object, such as your couch. The temperature of your couch then rises as does the temperature in the room. If this radiant energy is blocked, it is prevented from converting to heat, and objects remain cool. Window films interrupt the flow of this radiation by reflecting the energy back out into the atmosphere. Your rooms stay cool and nice.

With Panorama film installed on the inside of your window, the percentage of solar energy transferred into your room is significantly reduced, and the percentage of energy reflected is greatly increased. Much less solar energy is then transferred into your rooms. The properties of the specific window film installed on your windows dramatically influence how and in what way transmission, reflection, and absorption of energy changes. Our technical staff is highly skilled in helping you select the proper film for your particular application.

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