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Have you ever considered having window films installed but don’t really see the benefits? At Sun Masters, we understand how window films can transform a room. Whether in a residential or commercial property, there are a number of ways professionally installed window films will change your perspective of any room.

The look, feel and function of a room are all features that are impacted by window films. Most of our customers set out to fulfill a need and end up appreciating the unforeseen extra benefits our window films provide. It is just one of the many reasons Sun Masters enjoys a high number of repeat customers from both home and business owners.

Light Control

Window films from Sun Masters are designed to help provide better control of natural light. There is nothing worse than sitting in a room and having to move, because the glare of the sun is blinding. With window films, you can enjoy relaxing in any space without restriction, as UV light is filtered to comfortable levels.


Rooms at the front of a home or commercial premises don’t often provide much in the way of privacy. By installing window films, you can transform those rooms in to spaces where you are able to avoid the unwelcome gaze of prying eyes. The outside world is prevented from encroaching on your privacy – window films simply provide a barrier that prevents people from looking in from the outside.


There is a certain ambience afforded by window films that you won’t get from any other feature in a room. The entire space is so transformed it feels like you have carried out a complete renovation. Customers of Sun Masters often come to us for repeated services solely based on improved comfort levels they have experienced from having window films installed in the past.


Protecting your property is always an important consideration when it comes to having window films professionally installed. Your glass is reinforced and won’t present an easy challenge for would-be burglars. Knowing a room is secure brings peace of mind to customers of Sun Masters. That added layer of protection will allow you to change the function of any room.

For more on how window films can transform your rooms, call Sun Masters today. We are more than happy to provide you with expert consultation on how to get the most from professionally installed window films.

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