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Do you have house plants? If so, you might think that window frames just aren’t for you. After all, sunlight is the most vital part of raising plants! You might be surprised to know that window films are actually beneficial for house plants. Keep reading to learn how this window treatment can help plants grow without exposing your house to dangerous UV rays in the process.

Window Films and Plants

To understand how window films affect plants, you must first understand what the films actually block. Window films block over 99% of UV rays while still letting natural light shine through. Window films help all different types of plants. They provide light (without the damage of UV rays) to plants that need abundant sunlight while also creating a less harsh environment for plants that prefer the shade.

Just One of the Numerous Benefits

Your plants aren’t the only things that will benefit from window films. Window films can protect your property by shielding furniture and appliances from UV rays while also making your home less susceptible to burglaries. The films will also naturally cool your home by reducing the heat that enters your house.

Whether you’re looking to help your house plants or simply want UV protection, window films are a quick and affordable way to help. Call Sun Masters at 281-351-4363 to get a free quote today!

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