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Sunlight shining through your window can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Just sitting on your couch, with a coffee cup on your side table, allowing yourself to bask in the sunlight. BEEP! This aesthetic scenario can be a big mistake – if you do not have a window tint.
Sun provides us light and is also a natural source of Vitamin D. Moreover, it has other benefits, like helping your plants grow and giving flourishing greenery. But don’t get carried away enjoying the benefits of the sun. Unfortunately, the sun brings with it harmful UV rays and heat. Frequent exposure to these rays can bring a lot of damage to your skin, your hair, and even your furniture.

How Sunlight Damages Your Furniture

Constant exposure to sunlight can have damaging effects on your furniture. It can fade the color of wood and fabrics on your furniture, making it unpleasant to the eye. Moreover, only the part that is in direct sunlight fades. Thus, your furniture will have faded parts. A half-faded couch would not look very inviting, would it?
This is not all; it can also damage the wood. The UV light affects the color of wood, either darkening or fading it. Overexposure to the sun can make your couches, curtains, floors, and other furniture take a bleached appearance. Not only this, but sunlight exposure can also lead to cracking and flaking of your furniture. Therefore, UVA and UVB rays and heat radiation from sunlight can damage your possessions.

How Does Window Tint Help in Protecting Your Furniture?

It is a widely accepted fact that clear glass can aid in blocking the harmful rays of the sun that gradually deteriorate your furniture. However, a clear glass window allows up to 70% of the UV rays. Even if you decide to go with costly windows that offer energy-saving benefits, you can only reduce the ratio by 10%. Thus, for the sake of your furniture, you should look for options to save your belongings from any damage. But how? Well, by going for window tints, of course!

Window tints are an effective option that helps save your furniture. They act for the insides of your property like sunblock works for your skin. A good-quality window film can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays and 97% of the infrared light, allowing visible light to pass. You can enjoy the sun’s warmth without any concerns about damaging your furniture. The role of window films in protecting your belongings includes:

  • Modern window films are less reflective. Moreover, they are invisible as compared to the old window films. You can still enjoy the view while keeping your possessions safe. This makes them a better option compared to blinds, as they do not restrict your view.
  • They are an affordable option in comparison to furniture varnish and other protectants.
  • They help protect premature fading of your furniture.


In conclusion, window tints are a great option to protect your furniture. Now that summer is here with its blazing glare; you need all the protection from the UV rays you can get. Window films allow the natural light in while filtering out the harmful rays. If you want to protect your furniture, Sun Masters Window Tinting can help. Just dial 281-351-4363 to contact us.

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