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UV rays have been sought to have harmful effects on our skin leading to skin aging, blemishes and even skin cancer. Sitting in places through extended periods of time where direct sunlight comes in, not only can drain our energies very quickly but direct exposure to sun can also cause skin irritation and other problems associated. In order to combat this issue, window films are used to minimize direct sunlight, providing protection from harmful rays while adding a layer of privacy.

In this blog, we will specifically talk about SPF window tinting and its overall benefits in offices and massive residential homes. While there is no exact way of measuring SPF, a basic way to calculate the SPF of a product is to divide 100 by UV transmission for example 100/0.5 transmissions amount to 200 SPF. We will not dig into the technicalities of it but this was just to give an idea. Let us now describe what differentiates SPF tinting from normal window tint.

A Brief Definition

SPF tinting is a way of adding a protective layer within the window film to protect from direct, unfiltered light. SPF is a short form of sun protection factor. As the name suggests, it minimizes the harmful effects of sunlight. SPF is also a measure of calculating ultraviolet light that transmits from a surface. The factor is determined at the capacity of how effectively does it saves us from sunlight. Each window film, ranging from light to dark, has varying SPF numbers/values. We have all heard about sunscreens and their SPF value; this is exactly the same phenomena but with a different concept of concealment.

Benefits of SPF Tinting

Here are some benefits of SPF window tinting:

Protects the Eyes

Direct UV rays can affect the eyes. Professionally installed window films can drastically reduce the negative effects of sunlight.

Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

While it diminishes the effect of direct sunlight, it also helps reduce the risk of skin cancer which is majorly related to high exposure to UV rays.

Keeps the Skin Youthful

During the course of our lifetime, our skin may show multiple aging effects such as blemishes, scarring. One of the common reasons for skin aging is extensive sun exposure. SPF window tinting also helps keep the skin youthful.

Prevents Interior Fading

Direct sun exposure can also cause the furniture and flooring to lose its integrity and aesthetic value. Window tinting helps to overcome problems associated with quality diminishing due to direct sunlight.


Sun Masters Glass Tinting extends its expertise in all kinds of window tinting. Whether it is residential homes or commercial buildings, we take pride in handling projects of all scales and types. Call us now at (281) 932-0643 for a detailed inquiry. You can also visit us at 13943 Tribe Dr, Cypress, TX 77429.

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