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It’s easy to understand the many benefits of adding custom window tinting to your home. Tinting blocks harmful UV solar radiation, helps save energy costs, reduces color fading in carpets and fabrics, and looks great. But, what about safety? Does window tinting film on window glass affect the strength or life of the window itself? Is it possible for the tint film to cause the glass to break or weaken in some way?

One benefit of window tinting is that the tint film reduces the tendency of a broken window to shatter into the room. The film tends to hold the glass shards together thereby reducing the spread of broken glass should something impact the window from the outside. On occasion, intruders are discouraged when they discover the difficulty of breaking a window covered with a film. A strong window film can even prevent an intrusion.

However, the question arises, is window tinting film safe to use with double-pane low E glass. “The answer is” yes,” but you must consult an expert such as Sun Masters Window Tinting in Houston to research the types of film compatible with your particular windows.

Not many years ago, when older films were applied to double pane windows, the result was a buildup of heat in the space between the windowpanes. This rise in temperature caused a break in the double pane window seal and, in some cases, even the glass. Today many of these problems have been eliminated using the high-technology films now available on the market. Nevertheless, a mismatch in film types or use of older films could conceivably create a problem. Therefore it is important that you discuss your window tinting application with Sun Masters Window Tinting professionals to identify the proper film to use as well as the tint percentage and outside appearance you want to achieve. Sun Masters will help you select the right film for your windows and can complete the project from film selection through installation and maintenance.

Sun Masters Window Tinting is in the business of helping Houston families protect their homes and interior fabric colors by applying window tint films to block out heat in summer and hold heat in during the winter months. Now is the time to contact us to discuss applying window tint films for your home windows. We will help you select the proper film for your home to achieve your objectives and ensure your windows are both safe and attractive. Call us today at 281-351-4363. With Sun Masters Window Tinting you will enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters.

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