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People often ask us if window tinting is right for them. In a word, the answer is yes. In fact, in Houston window tinting is almost a necessity. We live in a hot and humid environment which is damaging to home interiors and fabrics. Window tinting can help block the sun’s glare, and help reduce fading in fabrics, furniture, and flooring. Using tinting to block the sun’s harmful rays reduces your energy use and, even, protects against glass breakage. Below are some of the reasons window tinting may be right for you.

One of the principal benefits of window tinting is a reduction in solar energy coming into your house. The window tinting film blocks solar radiation which can reduce your energy usage and cost. Plain glass windows without film allow 87% of solar radiation to pass into your house. This radiation raises the temperature in the room and is made up of the harmful rays that fade fabrics and furniture. On the other hand, windows covered with film allow only 15% of solar radiation to pass through. This reduces the heat coming into your home and can reduce your energy bill by up to 30% and lower room temperature as much as 15 degrees. These are big savings in the Houston climate.

Not only does window tinting help reduce fabric fading and save energy, but it also helps add strength and security to your glass windows. Applying films to your windows gives them added durability against breaking and shattering. The bonding quality of the films helps hold glass shards in place in the event of glass breakage due to accidents, storms, or illegal entry. Saving energy, reducing fading, and adding security; it’s a win; win.

When you are considering whether window tinting in Houston is right for you, you need to contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at 281-351-4363. We specialize in all varieties of window tinting films and employ fully trained, expert installers who will get the job done right the first time. Window tinting not only helps reduce energy usage and improve your quality of life, but it also improves the look and resale appeal of your home. Sun Masters Window Tinting is your source for window coverings in Houston. Give us a call at 281-351-4363. One of our staff will be more than happy to discuss the advantages of window tinting and arrange for a technician to visit your home. We will discuss all aspects of window tinting, answer all your questions, and give you a free estimate for providing your home with the safety and security of film coverings. Don’t let another hot Houston day pass. Give us a call at 281-351-4363.

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