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The Houston heat is no joke. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees or more, and it happens frequently in the summer months. Question: How can you cool down the office while at the same time use less energy? Answer: window films.

What Are Window Films?

In case you’re not sure about what window film is, it is defined as a thin, self-adhesive piece of polyester film that can be installed to the inside of exterior glass. The temperature of a room can be reduced by up to 15 degrees. It’s great for cars, boats, homes and buildings in Texas because of its cooling effects and enhanced esthetics.

Many Benefits

Making the office cooler is one of the top reasons people get window films, but there are other perks, too:

  1. Less A/C energy consumption. What’s cooler than saving money?
  2. Protects against ultra violet rays that can be harmful to your skin and eyes.
  3. Eliminates glare that reduces squinting and eye strain.
  4. Protects the furniture and décor. Window films block rays from the sun that deteriorate your furniture and drapes and make them fade in color.
  5. Gives the building a new, uniform look.

Turn to the Pros

Sun Masters Window Tinting, located in Cypress, are experts in the field. Let us help you lower your utility bills and benefit from all of the perks window films have to offer. Go online for a free, no-obligation quote, or call us at 281-351-4363. We can do any building, large or small.

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