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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Florence as we watch the news and the unfolding events in North Carolina. All of this reminds us of the last hurricane season and the devastation of Harvey here in the Houston area. Affixing window tinting to homes and businesses can assist in preparation for hurricane season.

Prevent Window Breakage & Flying Glass Shards

Now, you might be thinking window tinting won’t do much to protect home and business storefront windows, and you’d be right. However, it will prevent those windows from exploding and glass shards flying everywhere.

Branches, trees and other flying debris propelled by hurricane-force winds will go straight through most glass, but the application of window tinting forms a bond with the pane and clings to it, preventing flying glass fragments.

The tedious task of cleaning up broken and shattered glass is reduced or eliminated with tinted windows, as is the ever-present danger of flying glass shards.

Window Tinting: Much More Than Hurricane Preparation

Window tinting provides excellent protection in other weather conditions, as well. The hot Texas sun can glare through your windows and fade storefront displays, furniture, drapery and carpeting. Not so with the UV-ray safeguards window tinting provides against sun bleaching. It is additional insurance for your interior designs and inventory.

Hot summers and the cold of winter’s effects are reduced, as are your energy bills. Although, the R-value of window tinting is not comparable to insulation, it will save your business’ large storefront windows significant damage during both seasons.

Window Tinting Adds a Touch of Class to Your Glass

Professionally installed window tinting looks exceptional. Both commercial and residential homes can add value to their building by affixing window tint. Browse our residential gallery to choose the perfect tint for your home. Alternatively, select the commercial gallery to view images of what Chase, On The Border, Barnes and Noble, and other Houston-area businesses have done to accentuate their buildings’ designs. You can, too!

Contact Sun Masters for Window Tinting

Contact Sun Masters, (281) 351-4363, to discuss window tinting for your commercial or residential property. Our technicians will take measurements and explain which film shades and types best fit your needs. Visit Sun Masters Windows tinting Houston, TX for more information, or use our contact form to request a consultation and free estimate, without obligation.

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