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Some of us still have not fully recovered from the impact of Harvey, and here we are staring into the eye of hurricane season once again. Now, you’re probably asking yourself what window tinting has to do with preparing for hurricane season. Window tinting can strengthen windows and hold the pieces together, so glass breakage will not create flying weapons of those broken shards and make cleanup that much easier.

Residential and commercial window tinting not only adds strength to window glass, but it also adds UV protection for your beautiful furnishings and window displays.It looks great, increases property values and reduces energy costs.

Window Breakage

Texas experiences gale-force winds even without a hurricane. But hurricane winds can hurl uprooted trees and branches at your windows. Indeed, an uprooted tree or even a large branch will not be stopped by window tinting; however, those tinted windows are like the shatterproof glass of an automobile. Therefore, smaller items thrown at those tinted windows will not result in hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. There will be fewer shards and fragments flying around, and you can quickly pick up even large storefront windows held together by the film.

UV Protection for Window Displays & Interior Design

Window tinting protects costly home furnishings and window displays as it reduces the effects of the bleaching sun by nearly 50 percent. Anyone who has ever rearranged the furniture knows this is true. When you move that cozy recliner, the carpet underneath looks brand new, while the rest of the floor covering is faded.

Window Tinting Looks Great

Although how the exterior of your home or business looks is not a likely concern when preparing for hurricane season, adding window tinting is a one-time measure that will help protect you and your family for years to come.

Window Tinting Adds to the Property Value

Window tinting will increase the value of your property. Everyone knows tinted windows reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer and keeps heat in during those cold Texas months.

Sun Masters – Houston’s FinestWindow Tinting

Don’t wait for disaster to strike again. Call Sun Masters, (281) 351-4363, to discover how window tinting can protect your home or business. Get the advantage of stronger windows that look great and increase the value of your property while reducing energy costs. Visit the Sun Masters, use our contact form to schedule a free consultation appointment with a free estimate and no obligation.

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