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When there’s a home invasion in the news, most of the time the robberies occur while homeowners are away. Thieves break in and scour the home, looking for all valuables. Some thieves can disable the security system, while others move quickly and get away alarm or no alarm. Now, security film windows are being implemented to thwart a new kind of robber, the “smash and grab” offender.

What is security film?

Security films are designed for many kinds of disasters. These films hold glass in place even after it is broken, thus preventing shattered glass shards. Disasters such as earthquakes, windstorms and even burglaries can cause shattered windows and security film prevents this from happening.

Security film is designed with strengthed polyester fibers fused into the glass panes of the window. Adhesive holds the polyester layer into place until it bonds to the glass. There are varieties of thickness provided for your individual needs as well. Security film prevents or reduces:

  • Damage from industrial accidents
  • Furniture fading
  • Property damage or injury
  • “Smash and grab” theft success
  • Energy costs in winter and summer months

This shatter resistant film works well because it provides more elasticity to your windows, taking the brunt of the attack on the glass. Upon impact, this glass is much harder to break, and if so, will not shatter into flying shards of glass. It can take much longer for an invasion to occur, minutes as opposed to seconds. This can make a huge difference when alarm systems are triggered and authorities are alerted to the crime.

Invisible Protection

Security film can be designed with either a clear film or in tinted form. Clear film helps keep your security windows undetectable to robbers. Thieves are more likely to get caught if they are busy trying to bust windows, but unfortunately having no success.

Safe and Secure

Now you can have the same protection and security in your home or business. SunMasters provides security film windows with a variety of styles and thickness. Just contact us today and find out just how easy it is to stop the new “smash and grab” habit of home invaders.

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