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You might have seen some colored windows with a blurry view in offices, storefronts and many other places. Well, that is the magic of window tinting. It is considered quite popular nowadays since it has many benefits like sun protection and keeping your home private, free from people peering in.

There are various benefits of window tinting, along with some disadvantages as well. We will be highlighting some of the pros and cons of having your windows tinted in your house.

What Is Window Tinting?

Window film, also known as tint, is a process of installing thin laminate on the interior or exterior of glass surfaces. It is important to know more about them before getting them installed in your house.

They are divided into three categories that are listed below:

  1. Security window tinting: This is made from thin polyester film to make them resistant to breaking, providing extra protection from potential break ins.
  2. Decorative window tinting: This makes the windows look more appealing and adds a stylish look to your home.
  3. Solar window tinting: It is a type of film that provides protection against UV rays making the windows appear less dark.


Here are some of the pros of window tinting:

  • Maximum Privacy
    Privacy is a top priority no matter where we live. Our house is supposed to be a safe haven where we relax without any worries. Adding tint to your windows is a great way to manage the privacy of your house, making it difficult to see inside.
    Often burglars peer into your house, observing where your valuable items are placed in order to commit a robbery. With tinted windows, most of the light is reflected, giving a mirror-like effect which makes it impossible for people to look into your home.
  • Cost Reduction
    Another benefit of window tinting, when installed the correct way can help decrease electricity bills and save money by insulating your windows.
    During the warmer months of the year, tinted windows will reject the sun’s scorching rays, thus reducing the amount of air conditioning required to make your surroundings cool and comfortable.
  • Curb Appeal
    If you really like decorating, then decorative window tinting is just right for you. It not only increases the value of your house but also transforms the look of your windows, adding an attractive and enhanced look. These windows come in a variety of different colors which can suit your preferences.
  • Protection From UV Rays
    Have you ever wondered why fabrics lose color, it is because of Ultraviolet rays. These are dangerous rays which can be prevented from entering your home by tinting your windows. Some solar window films have the ability to block 99% of the UV rays.
  • They help block these rays and protect furniture, carpets, electronics or any sort of cloth from fading and heat damage.


  • Not Fitting For Colder Regions
    Tinted windows are a perfect option in summers to keep your house cool. However they do not allow sun rays to pass through, keeping the heat outside even in winters which makes it less suitable for winters.
  • Ineffective at night
    Tinted windows can be ineffective during the hours of darkness. If the lights are on in your house at night, it won’t stop a passerby from peeking inside. If you think you don’t need curtains when you have tinted windows, maybe you should reconsider.

Final Takeaway

The benefits that tinted windows provide like increased privacy and cost-saving along with keeping your home cool in summers, make it ideal to install them. It is also important that you choose the right kind of tint for your residence as different shades of tints provide different results.

Sun Masters Window Tinting provides suitable films along with perfect application. Call us today at (281) 932-0643 for more information.

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