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Bright sunlight isn’t just annoying. The UV rays emitted by sunlight can cause eye damage, massively impacting your health and lifestyle. In this article, we will explain the science behind this eye damage and how window films are a quick and easy way to keep your eyes healthy.

How Light Causes Eye Damage

Sunlight emits three types of ultraviolet rays. Two of these, UVA and UVB rays, break through our atmosphere and can damage our bodies. Ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn and increase a person’s risk of skin cancer. These rays can also affect your eyes by damaging the sensitive cells on your eye lens. Over time, this damage can lead to cataracts and retina damage.

How Window Films Can Help

Window films allow you to enjoy the brightness of sunlight without the damaging effects of UV light. This is because window films block ultraviolet rays, reducing your exposure to damaging material. Window films will also prevent UV rays from bouncing off reflective surfaces in your home like mirrors and glass surfaces. They will allow you to enjoy the light in your house or business without worrying about eye damage.

Window Tinting in Cypress, TX

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