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Window tinting can protect your interior designs and furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV-rays. Did you ever move a large piece of furniture only to discover underneath the carpet looks bright and new while the rest of your carpet looks old and faded?

Window Tinting Prevents Premature Fading

Everyone, by now, is aware of the energy-saving benefits of window tinting, but many do not realize the advantage provided to their home’s furnishings, carpets, paint and other design features.

The hot Texas sun burning through your windows helps warm the house during the frigid winter months, but can prematurely dull artwork, wall and floor coverings, furnishings and even paint before it’s time. Window tinting will allow you to enjoy the sunshine while simultaneously defending your interior designs against the damage of UV-rays.

Commercial Applications of Window Tinting

The benefit of protection from UV-rays are not confined to home furnishings. Those large office and storefront windows can benefit from window tinting as well. Imagine the damage to high-cost designer furnishings and clothing displays in storefront windows without the safeguards provided by window tinting.

Window tint can eliminate 99 percent of the harmful UV-rays pouring through those office and storefront windows. You will still enjoy the sunshine without damaging expensive displays, carpets and furnishings.

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