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Reliable Home Window Tinting in Katy

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Are you looking for commercial or home window tinting in Katy, TX?

Commercial & Home Window Tinting in Katy, Texas

we welcome you to contact Sun Masters Window Tinting. Our service is the answer to various home and business needs, including increased security, privacy, energy savings, and beautiful décor.

With our years of experience installing and maintaining all types of window films, you can rest assured that your comfort is in the hands of professionals. Thanks to our Katy, TX window tinting service, you can provide a fresh new look for your rooms, increase security, add privacy where needed, and protect against severe weather damage. You can choose from so many beautiful and unique looks of our window film at reasonable prices.

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Your Comfort And Security Solutions In Katy, Texas

Sun Masters Window Tinting offers the residents of Katy and nearby areas the best available line of glass tinting films for both commercial and residential applications. These films prevent the penetration of harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation that damages interior furniture, fixtures, and skin. They do so by allowing in all the visible light you need to enjoy the lovely outside view. So you don’t have to deal with fading furniture, drapes, and carpets any longer. Instead, they will remain vibrant for many years when you apply our window films to your home or commercial windows.

Katy Window Tint

Sun Masters provides a great range of window tinting products and services in Houston and nearby areas.

Residential Window Films

Residential Window Films

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Commercial Window Films

Commercial Window Films

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Safe and Secure Window Tinting

Safe and Secure Window Tinting

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Window tinting films reject a large portion of the sun’s heat. You can even watch the numbers go down on your cooling costs. Katy’s reflective window films can keep out 85% of the sun’s heat and dramatically reduce air conditioning costs. The same film, in winter, will help retain inside temperature, lowering heating costs. The return on investment our customers get is quick and impressive

Impressive Energy Savings Thanks to Window Tinting in Katy, TX


Sun Masters window tinting films help regulate the temperature imbalances between the shady and sunny areas of your building. Regardless of where the sun is, your home and office will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thanks to the window tinting films in Katy. As a result, occupants are more productive and comfortable all year long. This also translates into energy bill savings of 30-50%… less money to the service companies means more cash in your pocket! Feel free to read testimonials from our satisfied customers in Texas.

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Block 99% Of Uv Radiation And Reduce Glare By 90%

Low Energy Cost
Low Energy Cost
Block Heat and Glare
Block Heat and Glare
Enhance Privacy Matters
Enhance Privacy Matters
Improve Appearance
Improve Appearance
Prevent Fading of Interiors Furnishing
Prevent Fading of Interiors Furnishing
Residential Glass Tinting

ResidentialGlass Tinting

Commercial Glass Tinting

CommercialGlass Tinting

Decorative Films Glass Tinting

Decorative FilmsGlass Tinting

Inside Outside Glass Tinting

Inside & Outside Glass Tinting

Safety Films Glass Tinting

Safety FilmsGlass Tinting

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Perks Of Window Tinting Films

Enjoy several benefits of window tinting. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Saves money
  • Cooler inside temperature
  • Even temperature throughout the building
  • Maintained privacy
  • Sun Master’s scratch-resistant and water-resistant coating makes windows easy to clean

Contact Sun Masters Window Tinting in Katy, TX

Window tint is like a universal language in interior design. It not only improves the entire outlook of your building but also enhances your room’s purpose. So level up your room’s game and ensure your windows look great for years to come. We welcome you to contact Sun Masters Window Tinting in Katy, Texas. Give us a call at 281-351-4363 and get a free, no-obligation quote today.

Let’s make your space comfortable and windows look great with glass tinting films together!


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