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Safety & Security Window Film Houston Texas

Enjoy Cool Comfort with Our Tinting Products. Lower Room Temps,

up to 15° and Lower Your Utility Bill from 30% to 50%.

Reduce Shatter and Scatter with the Toughest Security Films on the Market. If your Glass Breaks, the Film Helps Hold the Fragments Together.

Safety And Security Window Film Houston Texas

Safety And Security Window Film

We offer a full line of security and safety films that come between you and danger. When struck by an object in a storm or from an intruder, these films reduce the likelihood of shattering and limit the scattering of glass shards. These films are tough, and the adhesive binds glass pieces together in the event of a break. Manufactured specifically with security and safety in mind these films are engineered to resist the forces of a disaster whether the danger comes from storms, industrial explosions, natural disasters, or vandalism.

Clear Safety & Security Films

The tough protective shield is produced from a film that is specifically designed from strengthened polyester coated with a patented mounting adhesive which firmly bonds to the glass. The combination of a tough film and the powerful adhesive helps hold glass shards in place in the event of breakage and prevents glass pieces from flying or scattering

Residential Windows Film & Tinting Services In Houston Tx

Our unique film can:

  • Reduce personal injury and property damage,
  • Lessen the damage from industrial accidents or natural disasters, and
  • Deter ‘smash and grab’ theft.
Safety And Security Window Film

Our safety and security films are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles for a full range of protection and outside appearances including clear, tinted, and reflective. Most films meet ANSI Z.97.1 Safety Glazing Impact Standard and BS6206:1981 Standard.

To discuss any application or requirement, give Sun Masters Window Tinting a call and speak with one of our sales technicians. We are here to help with your safety, security, and comfort needs.
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Safety And Security Window Film

Reduce upto 85% of the heat from the sun, 99% rejection of ultraviolet light and reduce 90% of the glare

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