Safety & Security

The window film that comes between you and danger. Safety and security films reduce the likelihood of shattering glass and airborne shards in the event of glass breakage.

Safety and security film is specifically designed and engineered to safeguard against disaster, no matter what form it may take – natural disasters, industrial accidents, bomb blasts and vandalism.

This film is specifically structured, strengthened polyester film which is coated with patented mounting adhesive that actually bonds to the glass. This tough, protective shield helps hold glass shards in place and can prevent glass from shattering or flying.

  • Reduces personal injury and property damage.
  • Lessens the impact of industrial accidents, explosions and bomb blasts.
  • Deters “smash and grab” theft.

Safety and security film offers a variety of thicknesses and styles for a full range of protection. Available in clear, tinted and reflective. Most films meet ANSI Z.97.1 Safety Glazing Impact Standard and BS6206:1981 Standard.