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Are you worried about your new office window being spoiled by graffiti vandals every few days? Relax and remove the paint with an anti-graffiti tinting shield. Anti-graffiti tinting is a convenient solution to save your windows from scratches and paint. So, apply the shield to your windows and glass doors and enjoy the unscratched beauty.

How does it work?

Glass taggers often spoil the windows with their artwork. Replacing a window glass every few days becomes expensive and not feasible for many. However, with anti-graffiti tinting, you no longer need to replace the window glass. This shield is an invisible polyester film that is easily removable when taggers attack windows with their artwork. It is an easy and quick way to keep your windows safe from the damage of unwanted paint and marks.


Replacing a window glass costs 20 times more than the tinting shield. As the anti-graffiti tinting film is removable, it becomes affordable. Furthermore, within 30 minutes, you can easily replace the entire window film with a new one. This discourages the window taggers from spending time and resources in making the graffiti. Hence, when vandals attack the windows of your home or office, remove the existing tinting shield and have a new one fixed.

Benefits of anti-graffiti tinting

Along with protecting your windows from graffiti, the shield is also helpful to you in many other ways.

  1. It strengthens the windows
  2. Protects the glass from shattering when the glass gets broken
  3. Easy to clean with soap and water
  4. Protects the inner surface of the window
  5. Is easily replaceable

Sun Masters Window Tinting cares for you and your windows. We are here to offer solutions to your problems. So, if you want your windows tinted with the new trendy anti-graffiti shield, call us on 281-351-4363.

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