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When selecting home window tinting in Houston one of the major characteristics you need to choose is the film’s tint percentage. The tint percentage refers to the amount of light the tinted film allows to pass through and into your home and determines how much of the sun’s rays are reflected away.

Many factors should be considered when deciding on your window tinting percentage. Most residential window tint percentages range from 25 to 45% light blockage although films of every percentage are available. The lower the tint percentage, the less heat and light transmission is allowed. Because of the high temperatures, people may select darker films for their window tinting in Houston. While costs vary, you should also take into account factors such as personal preference, the amount of glare you want to block, and the appearance of your windows both inside and out. Here are some factors that should be considered when deciding on the best tint percentage for your home. Remember, the darker the tint, the lower the tint percentage number.

  1. Budget: There are many factors involved in the per square foot cost of tinting films other than the tinting itself. In addition to film tint, window tinting in Houston includes other factors which contribute to the cost of any particular film. These include film type, amount of heat transmission, and coating types. It is best to start by estimating your budget, determining which windows actually need tinting (consider, for example, how much sun each window receives), and visualizing your home’s outside appearance.
  2. Light Transmission: As a rule, the darker the film, the less light will be allowed in, and the less you will be able to see when you look through the tinted windows. Striking a balance between the amounts of light the film is letting through and the film’s visibility is a matter of personal choice. And remember, the darker films and those films with mirrored surfaces afford more privacy.
  3. Aesthetics: For window tinting in Houston, it’s important to take into account the outside appearance of your windows. Consider the view from the street and whether the look helps or hurts your home resale value. It’s probably not a good idea to select a film that makes your windows appear to be covered with tinfoil. Also, you should check with your homeowner’s association as they may have restrictions as to film coverings.

Whatever your window tinting preferences, Sun Masters glass window tinting has the film for you. We can help you decide the amount of tint that is right for your home as well help you select other important features of window tinting in Houston. We are pros at installation and service so we can help you develop a plan that fits your budget. Give our office a call, and one of our staff will gladly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the many film types. We will be happy to make an appointment and visit with you at your home to show you the full range of film choices and tint percentages that we offer. Call us today at 281-351-4363.

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