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There are many varieties of residential window tinting film on the market today. When you’re considering window tinting in Houston, you should look at four types of film. Selecting the right window tinting film depends, to a degree, on your objectives and goals for having your windows tinted. Sun Masters Window Tinting can assist you in selecting the correct film for your home, install the tinting, and provide you with ongoing maintenance services.

It’s important to select a window tinting film that corresponds to your objectives. There are several reasons people choose window tinting in Houston: saving energy, adding security, guarding against storm damage, and improving overall home appearance. Many films can help with each of these objectives.

One of the big reasons people select window tinting in Houston is to reduce their homes energy consumption. Most residential window films can reduce your energy bill by as much as 30% and lower room temperatures up to 15°. In Houston, this can be very important. Not only do these films reduce your energy use, but they also block the harmful UV rays that fade your furniture fabrics and carpeting.

When you select window tinting in Houston is also important to consider selecting a film that will help add security to your windows in the event of storms. Being on the coast, Houston is subject to severe weather including winds and tropical storms. Films designed to add strength to your windows can secure glass shards in place should a window break. Adding a film to strengthen the window’s glass is one more level of security to guard against the unpredictable elements.

Also, you should consider security against intruders when selecting window tinting in Houston. As is the case with protection from storm damage, intrusion security prevents glass shards from flying into the room. Intruders and trespassers may are discouraged when they attempt to break your window but find it more difficult than they expected.

Finally, some films are available which are decorative and can add improvements to the design and overall appearance of your home. Various simulated glass patterns are placed directly on the film which can enhance the appearance of your windows when the film is applied. Adding a decorative touch to your window tinting in Houston can help with the resale value of your home, contribute to your home’s beauty, and add to its resale value.

Sun Master Window Tinting of Cypress provides a full range of window tinting products and services. Call or stop by and talk with one of our professional staff who can assist you in selecting the window tinting film that fits your goals and objectives. Our staff of experienced installers will be able to install your film to give you the look, feel, and comfort you expect. For window tinting in Houston give Sun Masters a call today: 281-351-4363.

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