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From high energy bills to cool the space, as well as harsh glares and sun fading, if you experience intense sun exposure in your home or office, you can benefit from the installation of window films or solar screens. But which one is the best for you? Let us compare the differences between solar screens vs. window film.

Screen mounting

Solar screens are a separate unit that is mounted to the exterior of a house or a building. This results in a change in the exterior of a building due to its visibility. Just like you see your regular window screens through the window, you will notice the solar screens. But the solar screens are a bit darker so they are more prominent than the regular window screens.

On the other hand, tinted window film comes in transparent sheets and is directly applied to the glass. After the application, you would not be able to notice it other than being happy from its benefits.

Immediate and lifetime costs

In terms of costs, solar screens are cheaper than window films. However, solar screens are less durable and quickly deteriorate over time. So in the context of lifetime costs, window films are a cheaper option.

Solar screens are more difficult to maintain

Solar screens are a separate entity from the building and the structure of a window. Bugs, debris, and dirt collect over time, which deteriorates its appearance. If you don’t clean them regularly, they look dirty and will spoil the appearance of the whole building.

Opposingly, it is easy and to clean and maintain a window film as it becomes a part of the window.

Are you interested in learning more about the differences between solar screens vs window film and to know which one is best for your home, office, or school? Call Sun Masters Window Tinting at 281-351-4363.

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