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The humans in your house aren’t the only ones who will benefit from window films! Window tinting is also a great option for dog owners. Keep reading to learn how these window treatments can make life a little easier for your four-legged friends.

Help Your Pets Beat the Heat

Just like humans, pets can feel uncomfortable on hot, sunny days. Window films help to keep your home cool by blocking UV rays. The result? A home that is naturally up to 15 degrees cooler than a home without window films. Your pets will love relaxing in a cooler environment. You will love that the cooler temperature will save energy and lower your utility bills.

Create a Shady Resting Place

Dogs can feel exhausted by lounging in direct sunlight. Window films are a great option for dog owners because they let the natural light shine through while reducing glare. Think of these films as sunglasses for your house. Your pets can enjoy their favorite resting spot without the damaging glare from UV rays.

Keep Reactive Dogs Calm

While most window films are easy to see through, several types of decorative films let the light shine through while blocking the view. These are a great option for people who own aggressive or reactive dogs. They prevent nervous barking while still allowing the sunlight to come through.

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