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When planning to buy or construct a house, besides other considerations, we often keep in mind the amount of sunlight and air that can enter. The majority of us prefer places with windows to let in the sunlight; however, what about the heat. Excess heat is harmful to us and even the house furniture and interiors. Nowadays, to avoid it, heat control window films are best used in both your residential and commercial property. So if you have the luxury to buy a new property, installing heat control is an investment whose results will be visible after a few years.

Window film to control heat

Summers often become too hot, and we all want to block the heat that enters inside and lower the cooling bills. The architecture design should be such that you have a good view of the outside; however, to install window films, contact Sun Master Window Tinting. We are the Houston Top Residential & Commercial Tinting Company, and our services will bring a profound change in your energy cost. As less heat enters through the window, automatically, the HVACs lower down, reducing the bills. Besides to suit your place, various types and colors are available to match your needs.

Heat control for healthy skin

The heat harms our skin; hence putting up the heat control window films reduces the skin damage. We know that the skin cells are continuously growing and dying; our diet and exposure to sunlight significantly affect our skin. To keep our skin healthy, we wash it regularly, use sunscreen lotions before going outdoors, use moisturizers, and drink lots of water. Besides all these, installing window film reduces skin infections and damage as it blocks the harmful rays from penetrating inside. A few other helpful tips for healthy skin are having nutritious fruits and veggies, staying active, exercising regularly, and worrying less.

Having heat control window film gives you peace of mind. Along with heat control, it maintains privacy and security too. Different types of window films are available, to know which is suitable for you, discuss with us and we are glad to offer suggestions.

First, to understand its working, let’s look at the three types of light combined on the electromagnetic spectrum.

  1. The band that is visible to the human eye is the visible light that we see in the daytime.
  2. Ultraviolet light is dangerous and causes skin damage, and affects the color of fabrics.
  3. Besides these, the third spectrum of infrared light gives out heat.

Window film reflects infrared and ultraviolet light. This limits the amount of heat from entering inside. Moreover, as UV light doesn’t penetrate inside, there is no damage to skin or furniture. As a result, a heat control window film only lets the visible spectrum of light pass.

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